Image of Google+ LogoTo say Stephen King is prolific is a gross understatement. Since he published his first novel (Carrie) back in 1973, he’s written more than 70 more.

Early in King’s career, he wanted to write and publish constantly — which was against the prevailing wisdom of the time — and eventually convinced Signet to let him release a few books under the pen name “Richard Bachmann.”

King also wanted to answer the question of whether success was related to luck or talent. He went as far as purposefully suppressing the marketing of his Bachmann books.

His little experiment ended prematurely when someone outed Bachmann as King … but the results were clear. The Bachmann book Thinner sold 28,000 copies during its initial run. When it was identified as a book by King, it sold ten times as many.

When it comes to creating great content … it really does matter who you are.

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